Mater future
Mater future

The Future

For more than a century, Mater has delivered exceptional healthcare services to the community.

Continuing to provide these services requires Mater to not only respond to change, but proactively plan for our future; and it is this concerted pursuit of innovation—to discover, improve, adopt and adapt—which differentiates Mater as a leader in the areas of health, education and research.

Our strategic plan, which is underpinned by our Mission and Values, targets the integration of these three strategic elements as essential to sustaining our Mission and building a healthy community:

Health: the ongoing provision and expansion of our core healthcare services to build closer connections with our community.

Education: organisation-wide integration of teaching and learning to improve health education and outcomes for all.

Research: conducting research consistent with, and supportive of, our core healthcare services and partnering to share our research outcomes for the benefit of the community.

Mater’s endeavours in clinical medicine, patient services, teaching and research continue to transform frontiers into familiar ground, and our commitment to linking research and clinical care ensures the newest developments in the laboratory are translated into patient care outcomes.

Mater also continues to walk in the footsteps of the Sisters of Mercy, through its dedication to social innovation, seeking out and finding innovative solutions for unmet needs in our community.

In providing compassionate care that is inclusive of even the most socially marginalised, Mater consistently expresses the healing ministry of Jesus. Steadily delivering our services in this manner, Mater has continued to build on its identity as a proud Catholic organisation within the Mercy tradition.